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The Happiest Vaping Experience

High quality cannabis extract. Easy vaping!

Quality You Trust

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Happiest Vaping Experience

100+ puffs of high quality cannabis extract.

Jack is Back!

Jack Herer is back with the usual happy, energetic, & creative euphoria. A notably strong cerebral hit like an Indica. Has a deliciously spicy lemon aroma.

"The staff is knowledgeable and clearly very caring of their patients."


"I love the organic products and their scrutiny to maintain quality control."


"They made me feel so welcome when I felt completely out of my comfort zone."


Have you tried concentrates?

Potent, clean & highly refined alternatives to smoking flower.

Vape Pens

Very discreet and effective. Vape almost anywhere you like.


One of the most concentrated forms of Cannabis. Very strong!


A classic compressed concentrate. Can be mixed into any smoking medium.


Over 88% THC. The strongest concentrate. For Dabs and Shatter Pens.

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