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4mg, Low Dose

Ideal for those starting out with cannabis as well as daily micro-dosage.

Can be a very effective pain and sleep aid with minimized psychoactive effect.

We recommend waiting 24 hours before taking another dosage.

12mg, Moderate

Very effective cannabis treatment.

We recommend this dosage for users already familiarized with other form of cannabis consumption.

Strain variety is more notable at this dosage.

20mg, Potent

Please proceed with caution!

A significant dose recommended to moderate and well accustomed users.

Can be an amazing way to end your day, with a lasting effect that can take up your whole evening.

50mg, Very Strong!

Very potent dosage!

We can only recommend this to well practiced cannabis users and chronic pain and anxiety sufferers.

Can be a very dominating psychoactive response. Good for a full day to yourself.