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Some things to note…

Your Personal Response

You may experience a different reaction to a particular cannabis strain than someone else, this is perfectly normal. Trust your intuition about how a strain makes you feel.

If you find yourself feeling anxious or low on energy, you may just be using a strain that is not right for you at the moment. It’s important to pace yourself and also try something new. Listen to your body!

So Many Strain Varieties

Crossbreeding Sativa and Indica strains gives us a whole world of diverse options, each with their own unique characteristics. Some of the most effective products are Hybrids that have the best of both worlds.

Hybrid strains are often indicated by their dominant strain – eg. Sativa-H (Sativa Hybrid). Please note that even dominant strains can be experienced differently from person to person.

Medicinal Properties

Sativa and Indica both have significant medical properties that can assist with basic day to day issues as well as chronic illnesses and pain.

Indica tends to remedy the body relieving, pain, nausea and inflammation, as well as serious issues such as seizures and cancer treatment. Sativa helps to uplift your spirit and energy. It can significantly improve stress and depression, as well as improve day to day function related to aches and pains.

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