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Won keeps a busy schedule balancing her passion in multiple fields. She prefers products that allow her to have productivity, pain relief and good quality of sleep.

Koala Cap, 12mg

“The best for pure, deep sleep.”

Blueberry Kush

“A nice relaxing feel that is still very social! A great strain!”


A moderate user who leans towards products that help him with the daily demands of operating a business. He often prefers the pain relief and relaxing qualities of late night Indicas and 20mg Caps.

Old School

“Heavy, hazy, night time sleep and pain relief.”

CBD Tincture

Relieves my pain and inflammation. Great when I want to keep my focus.


Ryan is a sales & service expert, and a well informed and experienced Cannasseur. His picks may be suggested for users looking to shake up a stronger tolerance.

Jack The Ripper, 50mg Cap

“One of happiest most energetic capsules.”


“Great way to shake it up. Always something different available.”


Alejandro is passionate about sales and marketing. He enjoys items that help him maintain a creative, daytime energy as well as focus his hyperactive nature.


“It’s like downloading a creative program into my brain. I become an artist. A must try for all the creative types!”

Tea Cup

“A harmony of pain relief and energy. The best way to spend my Saturday!”


Davin is your friendly sales expert who is often found boarding the local mountains. He enjoys vape pens for the daytime and heavier shatter concentrates for some evenings.

Happy Face, Green God

“Great all day functioning, long lasting. It’s a clear, subtle alteration to your state.”

Double Rainbow Shatter

“I’m a concentrates guy, this one is a great sleep aid, its really smooth and strong hitting.”


Emma’s days keep her busy with lots of run-around. 4mg Canna Caps are her choice for a more subtle effect.

Chimera, 4mg

“When I just want to relax and leave the day behind, this is my go-to Cap.”

Phoenix Tears, 4mg

“When I want to sleep in, I can count on these to help me start my Saturday a little bit later.”