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THC is a well-known chemical compound found in Cannabis that produces a psychoactive and euphoric ‘high’ feeling that is most associated with Cannabis usage.

THC is just one of many Cannabinoids, compounds that interact with receptors in your brain to produce various effects. Some primary effects of THC usage…

Increased Sensory Perception
Feeling of Euphoria
Relaxation / Sedation
Pain Relief
Increased Appetite
Sleep Remedy

Users may also experience additional effects such as short term memory loss, anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness and increased heart rate. We recommend you consult with our experts for recommendations on best usage.


CBD is the compound found in Cannabis that produces analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties without the psychoactive response associated with THC.

CBD is rising in popularity due to its various medical benefits and minimized psychoactive effects. It’s used for simple daily ailments as well as more serious chronic conditions.

Pain + Anxiety Relief
Reduces Nausea
Chron’s Disease Treatment
Cancer Treatment
Relieves Seizures
+ Many Other Conditions

Some of the most effective treatments for medical conditions may be products that combine the effects of THC and CBD. We are rolling out more options all the time. Chat with us!